Choice Outstanding Academic Text
Award Winner for 2008

"Teachers and students alike will learn from Matz's accessible information and extensive research, and grow from the opportunity to participate in the 400-year conversation about Shakespeare's sonnets. In the end, we remember that we must connect the sonnets to Shakespeare's world in order to understand their connection to ours. This book will come in handy when I teach the sonnets."

--Nichole Lehman, English Department, Chantilly High School, Chantilly, Virginia


Choice Magazine

"The most realistically balanced, generally honest guide to these remarkable poems that this reviewer has encountered."  read more  

Jonathan Goldberg,
Emory University

"This is the book I would recommend to any novice and even to more experienced readers approaching the sonnets." read more

Nichole Lehman,
Chantilly High School

"This book will come in handy when I teach the sonnets." read more

Katherine Duncan-Jones, editor of the Arden Sonnets,
Oxford  University

"Matz proves himself to be a sharp and subtle analyst of individual Sonnets."
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