Section I: "This Powerful Rhyme"

Chapter 1: Mirrors of Courtesy

Chapter 2: Educating the Courtier

Chapter 3: Love--Or Literary Credential?

Chapter 4: In The Shadow of Abundance

Chapter 5: Dedicated Words

Chapter 6: He That Buys Must Sell

Chapter 7: Thy Truth-Telling Friend

Chapter 8: From Form to Feeling

Section II: "A Man Right Fair"

Chapter 9: Before Homosexuality

Chapter 10: The King Loved Him Well

Chapter 11: Marriages and Men

Chapter 12: Eternal Lines: Marriage Or Poetry?

Chapter 13: Being Your Slave

Chapter 14: Friendship and its Flatteries

Chapter 15: But Did They Have Sex?

Section III: "A Woman Coloured Ill"

Chapter 16: Gynerasty

Chapter 17: Saucy Jacks

Chapter 18: Weaker Vessels

Chapter 19: A Reproach of Their Own

Chapter 20: The Black Mistress: A Renaissance Common Place

Chapter 21: More Perjured I?

Chapter 22: The Expense of Spirit

Chapter 23: Fair is Foul

Chapter 24: Sonnet 20: A Reprise

Section IV: "So Long Lives This"

Chapter 25: The Sonnets Today

Chapter 26: From "Sweet Boy" to "Sweet Love"

Chapter 27: Piteous Constraint to Read Such Stuff

Chapter 28: A Lover and A Man

Chapter 29: The Science of Sonnets

Chapter 30: Wilde Sonnets

Chapter 31: Love Poetry At Last



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